Nail Polish Review - Essie Summer 2013 Collection

1 May 2013

Hey everyone! I am very excited about today's post! As you may have guessed by the post title, I have the NEW essie Summer 2013 Collection to share with you all today. This also marks a blogging milestone as this collection is part of my very first PR sample! In addition to the Summer Collection, I received the Neon 2013 Collection, which I will be showing you later this week.
Disclaimer: All polishes used in this post were provided to me as a PR sample.

May 1 is the official release date of the Essie Summer 2013 Collection and I had to swatch all 6 in one evening after work to make sure I posted this on the release date! Hope you enjoy it.

Let's get started... sail into summer chic... introducing the essie Summer 2013 Collection. These colours are made to give every woman the feeling of a carefree cruise in six soothing shades inspired by summer's hottest looks.
"There's nothing more calming than a cruise to paradise, it completely rejuvenates mind, body and soul. Inspired by breezy chiffon cover-ups and cashmere pastel evening looks, these six shades make the perfect wardrobe for any journey." - Essie Weingarten

First up, we have rock the boat, a shimmering polish in light French blue with a hint of periwinkle.

Name: rock the boat  |  Colour: Light blue/periwinkle  |  Finish: Shimmer-Creme  |  # of Coats: 3  |  Rating: 8/10

Application: The first coat applies very sheer and the second coat adds to its opacity. However, I felt it was still a bit sheer and needed a third coat for full opacity. The formula is thin and sheer and very easy to apply. It could be used to layer with glitters.

Comments: I was not expecting to like this one as much as I did because it looks quite dull in the bottle - like a cloudy sky. However, the colour is very calming and refreshing and the silver shimmer is very subtle. I wish the formula was a little more opaque to avoid that third coat.

Essie Rock the Boat

Next we have sunday funday, a bright tangerine crush coral with a soft shimmer.

Name: sunday funday  |  Colour: Coral  |  Finish: Shimmer-Creme  |  # of Coats: 3  |  Rating: 6/10

Application: The formula for this one was a little tough to work with; it was a little thick yet very sheer. I needed three coats for full opacity.

Comments: The Resort Collection also released a shade of coral called come here (which was neon) but this definitely leaned more on the orange side. I did like the subtle shimmer as it added a little depth to the colour and its "tangerine" shade makes it a little different than other coral polishes in my stash. However, this shade doesn't feel new or unique and did not wow me.

Essie Sunday Funday

Next up is full steam ahead, a medium toned lilac with a pearlescent punch.

Name: full steam ahead  |  Colour: Lilac Purple  |  Finish: Shimmer-Creme  |  # of Coats: 3  |  Rating: 8/10

Application: Although this one is very sheer and  requires 3 coats for full opacity, the formula is thin and applies very smoothly. It has the same formula as rock the boat.

Comments: Although I generally do not like nail polish in light purples, this one wow-ed me. The Resort Collection also released a shade of light purple called under where but it leaned on the pinker side. I like this shade better because it leans more blue and the subtle shimmer adds to its uniqueness. I like that it is not too light as that would look terrible against my skin tone. I wasn't expecting much but I ended up loving this shade.

Essie Full Steam Ahead

Next is naughty nautical, a softly shimmering, brilliant blue-green teal.

Name: naughty nautical  |  Colour: blue-green teal  |  Finish: Shimmer-Creme  |  # of Coats: 2  |  Rating: 10/10

Application: The formula for this polish was perfect and what I expect from an essie polish. It applies sheer on the first coat but a second coat brings it to full opacity. The formula is applies very smoothly.

Comments: This was the polish I was most excited about when I received the package, and it did not disappoint. I do not have anything like this in my collection and I absolutely love it! The formula is perfect, it does not stain during removal and it has a gorgeous teal colour (that reminds me of emeralds) with a subtle shimmer that adds depth and interest.

Essie Naughty Nautical

Next we have the girls are out, a soft fuchsia peony infused with subtle sparkle.

Name: the girls are out  |  Colour: fuchsia, magenta pink  |  Finish: Shimmer-Creme  |  # of Coats: 2  |  Rating: 10/10

Application: The formula for this polish was exactly like naughty nautical - perfect and what I expect from an essie polish. It applies sheer on the first coat but a second coat brings it to full opacity.

Comments: This is a shade of pink that is new to my stash. Most of the pinks I own are on the red or orange side of the spectrum or a bubblegum/neon pink. I like how this shade is new and unique and once again, the subtle shimmer adds a lot of interest. I can definitely see myself wearing this shade on my toes for the summer!

Essie The Girls Are Out

And lastly we have the more the merrier, a juicy lime green.

Name: the more the merrier  |  Colour: lime green  |  Finish: Creme  |  # of Coats: 2  |  Rating: 7/10

Application: The formula for this polish was just perfect - exactly like all essie cremes! I like to apply it in 2 thin coats, although you could get away with one thick coat (just takes longer to dry). The polish dries with a nice glossy finish.

Comments: I was excited to see a lime green, a very out-there shade for essie! I own one other lime green by Sally Hansen but I much prefer the formula and brush of this essie. The Sally Hansen is a parrot green so this shade is something new and unique to add to my stash. I really wanted to like this polish, but it didn't seem to fit with the vibe of the others in this collection. But I do know I will use this polish a lot for nail art.

Essie The More The Merrier

All the polishes in this collection dried smooth and glossy, like most essie polishes. All pictures in this post are shown without top coat.

Overall: This collection is great - the inspiration and theme of the collection definitely shows through. I especially love the clever names of each polish! I don't think the more the merrier fit in with the rest of the collection - it was missing the subtle shimmer that was common throughout this collection and that easy, breezy feel. Maybe if it was a shade of yellow, it would have fit in better with this collection.

If you only buy one polish from this collection, my top pick is naughty nautical followed by the girls are out. The two pastel shades are also some great shades to add to any collection as they are calmer and more soothing shades for the summer! What are your top picks?

Keep checking back for nail art ideas using this collection!

- Hetal


  1. Very pretty collection. I like most of the colors.

    1. Thanks Courtney! It is really a fun collection!

  2. I've been waiting for swatches of these! Thanks for posting, they are gorgeous!

    1. You are welcome! :) I'm glad someone found them useful!

  3. These are so pretty! I think I'm gonna have to buy some of these! :P

    1. I agree! The only one I didn't like was sunday funday. The rest are super pretty!! :) And surprising the lime green (the more the merrier) is so useful for nail art!

  4. great swatches, too bad naughty nautical turned blue-ish (somehow camera's freak out when capturing those shades grrr) I added you to my blogroll xo

  5. Thank you so much Crystal! And agreed... it was hard photographing it but I am sure I'll eventually capture its true beauty in future posts! Or I hope to! lol



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