Red 3 Ways Nail Art

1 September 2013

Hi Everyone. Today, I have a beautiful nail art look featuring the colour red!

Creating a skittlette allowed me to explore various shades, finishes and textures of the colour red and explore various nail art techniques. I love the final look!!!

To create this look:
  • I started with a coat of all in one base by essie on all my nails
  • Pinky: I applied 2 coats of the liquid sand shade Stay the Night by OPI... although it is black, it still fits today's prompt because of the red glitters it has! 
  • Ring & Middle Finger: I started with 2 coats of My Vampire is Buff by OPI... I then applied striping tape in the pattern you see and applied one coat of another liquid sand shade Magazine Cover Mouse by OPI from the couture de Minnie collection... a beautiful strawberry red and glittery texture polish.
  • Pointer & Thumb: I started with 2 coats of she's pampered by essie... I then created a subtle gradient with a makeup sponge using leading lady by essie. leading lady is a red glitter in a red tinted base, It is a gorgeous colour from the Winter 2012 collection and adds a subtle sparkle to the nails. I love how subtle the gradient is... it would definitely look great if worn on all 5 nails! I then finished off by applying 2 coats of good to go top coat by essie.

Hope you enjoyed today's post!

- Hetal



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