Turquoise Chevron Nail Art

6 September 2013

Hey everyone! For those of you that follow me on instagram, saw a preview of the blue and violet nails! I just didn't get time to edit my pictures and upload the post. This is one of my favourite nail art looks I have ever created!!! Hope you all like it too.

AHHHHHH I love this!!! Love love love this look! It's got my favourite colours, its clean and sharp and oh so pretty!!!

To create this look:

  • I started with a coat of all in one base by essie followed by 2 coats of Blue Away! by Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
  • Before I could add tape, I had to make sure the first layer was completely dry... I used a coat of good to go top coat by essie to quicken the drying time! 
  • I taped up my nail and added a coat of Hanging in the Balance by China Glaze followed by another coat of good to go top coat by essie to quickly dry the second layer!
  • I taped up my nail again and added a coat of in the cab-ana by essie followed yet another coat of good to go top coat by essie to finish off the look!

The original idea was to have 4 layers of colours... I thought about adding the last layer but I ended up loving the look as it is and decided to stop! The last colour I was going to add is a much darker shade and would have taken away from the look. Here's one last shot of this awesome nail art...

Stay tuned for more nail art coming soon!

- Hetal



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