Halloween Nail Art - Witch Hats

31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!!! Today is my last Halloween nail art post... since it is the last day of October! I had originally planned on doing at least 5, maybe 7 but I am happy with 4!

Today's design was also inspired by a cookie designer... this cookie made me giggle!

If the HAT fits... WEAR it!

I started with My Vampire is Buff by OPI as the base colour. I then used black acrylic paint to create the witch hat shape on each of my nails. It looked really plain so I covered the black acrylic paint with A-nise Treat by NOPI, a black glitter textured polish. At this point, the nails looked really empty so I added three dots in varying sizes with A-nise Treat by NOPI.

On my ring finger, I used black acrylic paint and a detailed brush to write the phrase, "If the HAT fits... wear it!"

The collage above shows the cookie set that inspired this nail art design... HERE is the link to the post on Lizy B Bakes! :)

Hope you enjoyed this quick post! and Happy Halloween AGAIN!! Make sure to eat lots of candy... Yum Yum!

- Hetal

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