Snow on Trees Nail Art

29 November 2013

My absolute favourite thing about a snow storm is the snow on the tree branches! It is the most beautiful sight ever and it sucks because most of the snow falls off by the end of the day.

To create this look:
  • I started with 2 coats of borrowed and blue by essie and added a gradient at the cuticle with mind your mittens by essie from the Winter 2013 Collection.

  • I then painted a coat of a stroke of brilliance by essie. This polish is a very pretty platinum/blue glitter topper which added a snow effect in the background.

  • Using acrylic paint, I added in the tree branches and the snow on them. 
  • The background felt a little empty so I added a few "dots" with the white acrylic paint to create a snowy scene

  • TIP: A quick nail art tip... when creating a gradient make sure to paint your nail with the lightest colour first. Since I wanted the darker colour (mind your mittens) to be the main focus, I tried painting that first and then adding the light blue and it looks dark and murky! It's much easier to layer on the darker colours on top of the lighter ones!

    Click the read more to see the pictures of snow that inspired me!

    How amazingggggggggggggg does it look?! I love it!! :D

    - Hetal


    1. Omg! I'm so amazing of this snowy weather! I'm still waiting for snow and all I have for now it's only rain ; _ ;

      you won't believe but I'm wearing the same nails ! huuugs! stay warm ;)



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