Update: I am BACK!

20 January 2014

Happy new year everyone! After a super LONG break… I am finally BACK with the first post of 2014!

Since my last post (Dec 8, 2013), I have been very busy with my job and part-time school. I then went to Toronto for 3 weeks during Christmas and took a break from it all but even though I was on “vacation”, I had absolutely no time!

Christmas always means a ton of holiday parties, spending time with family and friends, shopping and if there is any time left… lazing around! I also went to CUBA for a week and spent a lot time sun bathing and swimming!

I finally got back to Ottawa over a week ago but have been busy apartment-searching as I need to move within the next month. I am also back to working full-time and working on my designation part-time.

Even though I am swamped, I have so many polishes to show you all!! I have been keeping up with other blogs and I am so ready to start doing my nails and posting regularly!

Thought I should give all my readers a quick update before I start posting tomorrow. Surprisingly, I have had quite a few new followers on various social media during my break… which is awesome!

Thanks to everyone that has been following me… and thanks to everyone that has started following me recently… my blog is going to hit the 1 year mark very soon so I will plan something special for that!!

See you all back tomorrow with some gorgeous swatches! :D

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  1. Yay!!!! Happy you're with us again!!!
    Can't wait for all those (for sure) gorgeous polishes you've got to show us and I bet that special something will be really awesome :) Welcome back, hun!



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