Simple Valentine's Day Manicure

14 February 2014

Hi Everyone!

Today I have a very simple manicure that is perfect for valentine's day! I love how a little glitter can add so much fun and interest even if you don't have time for nail art!

Last week, I was browsing the nail polishes at my local drugstore (Shoppers Drugmart) and saw this beauty, Strawberry Shields by Sally Hansen complete SALON manicure. It is a magenta pink leaning red glitter topper with a mix of medium sized hexes and small circular glitter. And pairing it with a soft pink-ish shade really lets it take the spotlight! Oh and pictures show ONLY ONE COAT!

In this manicure, I have paired Strawberry Shields with Arm Candy also by Sally Hansen complete SALON manicure. Arm Candy is a soft, sheer, almost-nude pink that requires 3 to 4 coats for opacity... but it is just such a beautiful shade!!! The base colour looks a little pinker than it would be if you wear it on its own... I think that might have something to do with the pink glitter!

Sally Hansen Strawberry Shields

These two polishes (Strawberry Shields and Arm Candy) are the first 2 I have picked up from this line of Sally Hansen polishes. I was never a fan of their "Insta-Dri" line and found the "Hard as Nails Xtreme wear" line to be just okay. But I am really blown away by the the "complete SALON manicure" line... it has some really pretty shades and amazing formula! Plus the bottles are tres chic! I guess next up for me is their new Triple Shine line!

Sally Hansen Arm Candy and Strawberry Shields

I definitely suggest picking up a bottle of Strawberry Shields! It's only been a week and I have already used it TWICE even though I have a growing pile of untrieds!

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed today's post!

- Hetal


  1. Simple can be so cute though, right? These are adorable, Hetal! :D

  2. Great combination! Its so pretty! Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Hehe thanks Lisa! It's super girly and pink so yes, definitely great for Valentine's Day.



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