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24 July 2014

*Press Sample*

Every summer, essie releases 2 collections... their neon collection and their official summer collection. Today I have swatches of the essie neon 2014 collection... too taboo (press release here)!

If you haven't seen swatches of the essie summer 2014 collection... haute in the heat, click here.

Like most essie collections, the neon 2014 collection consists of 6 polishes. Here is a collage of the entire collection... perfect for Instagram and Pinterest!

Overall Comments:
I did not swatch any of these shades over a white base because I wanted to show that you can get the vibrancy and opacity without it! Plus I hate the white halo it creates around the edges of my nails! Although most of this collection is not truly neon, it consists of very bright shades that are gorgeous and perfect for the summer. I am very happy to see an aqua blue, blurple and lime green... but a surprise favourite was definitely the coral! In terms of formula, it varied from 2 to 5 shades to reach full opacity.

Click the "read more" to read detailed reviews and more pictures of each shade in this collection.

serial shopper: florescent fire coral
Colour: Coral | Finish: Neon-Creme | # of Coats: 4 | White Undies: No | Topcoat: No | Rating: 9/10

Comments: I am usually not a fan of coral polishes because they make my skin look really weird, but this shade is stunning IRL! I am not able to capture the vibrancy of this shade on camera, but trust me, it looks gorgeous! I am definitely planning to wear it on my toes for the remaining summer months as it makes me look super tanned... in just the right way! As much as I love this colour, it did take 4 coats to build it up to full opacity and no patchiness.  

vices versa: juicy neon lime
Colour: Lime Green | Finish: Neon-Creme | # of Coats: 5 | White Undies: No | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 7/10

Comments: Stunning shade of lime green... reminds me of a highlighter! I really do love this colour but I don't see myself wearing it own its own because of the formula. Yes, it took 5 coats to get rid of the patches and reach opacty... FIVE! On the other hand, the sheer jelly-like formula could work extremely well for jelly sandwiches, layering glitter, pond manicures and other nail art techniques that require such a formula... something I will be playing around with in the near future!

sittin’ pretty: vivid intense lavender
Colour: Lavendar | Finish: Neon-Creme | # of Coats: 4 | White Undies: No | Topcoat: No | Rating: 6.5/10

Comments: This had the same jelly-like formula as serial shopper and vices versa... took 4 coats to reach opacity and no patchiness. Like I said above, it can be used for several nail art techniques and even paired with other shades in this collection really well. Overall, it's a pretty colour in the bottle and on many people... but lavendar is not a personal favourite and I don't like how it looks against my skin.

i’m addicted: neon aquamarine blue
Colour: Aqua Blue | Finish: Neon-Creme | # of Coats: 3 | White Undies: No | Topcoat: No | Rating: 10/10

Comments: My favourite polish from this collection... are you really surprised?! In fact, I have been wearing it on my toes for over a MONTH and have gotten so many compliments on it! I usually like polishes that only take 2 coats, but I really don't mind applying the 3 in this case. The formula has a jelly-like quality so I just felt more comfortable adding the extra coat. I already used this for nail art, which I will be posting next week... so definitely keep a look out for it!

too taboo: florescent fuchsia berry
Colour: Fuchsia | Finish: Neon-Creme | # of Coats: 2 | White Undies: No | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 9/10

Comments: Bright, fun, and pink... who can say no to the namesake of this collection? Not me! The formula is very pigmented and smooth and only took 2 coats! It does try to a super satin-matte finish, so I added top coat for that delicious glossy look.

chills & thrills: supercharged blue violet
Colour: Blue-Purple = Blurple | Finish: Creme | # of Coats: 3 | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 10/10

Comments: A blurple!!! Yes, in my picture below it leans blue but that's becasue it is super hard to photograph a purple next to my skin colour. It also applies less dusty/chalky than is appears in the bottle. Regardless, this shade is a winner!!! I paired it with i'm addicted for some nail, which I will be posting next week (so excited)! Let's talk formula... dries so quick with a satin-matte finish which does not self-level too well and creates this lumpy-ness. But a top coat fixes all of that and creates this beauty!!

Hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this collection. 

I love, love, love 4 out of the 6 polishes in this collection... so my top pics in order are chills & thrillsi'm addicted (obviously), too taboo and serial shopper! Which shades are your favourites?

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- Hetal


  1. Looks like a nice collection with some fun colors! Great swatches and review on them.

    1. Thank you Lisa! :) I always look forward to your comments!

  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Chills and Thrills! Bought it today :D Its so pretty! ;) I love your posts!



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