Nail Polish Review - OPI Nordic Collection (My Picks) - Fall 2014

28 August 2014

It's not even September but we have  already seen a lot of fall collections. In fact, OPI announced the Fall 2014 Nordic Collection in early July (press release here). Today I have swatches and reviews of my picks from the OPI Nordic Collection.

Although the entire collection is beautiful, it is really expensive to buy them all and many are not unique or interesting, which means I already have something very similar in my collection. Below is a collage of my picks (6 out of 12) from the OPI Nordic Collection... perfect for Instagram and Pinterest!

Overall Comments:
Although this collection does contain a lot of traditional fall colours like browns, deep purples, and burgundies (all the ones I did not purchase), it has some unique shades that are a fun way to transition into fall. I think I picked a nice variety... a medium pink, sea green, electric purple, satin bronze, dark chocolate brown and a orange coral!

Suzi Has a Swede Tooth:
Colour: Medium-Pink | Finish: Creme | # of Coats: 3 | Topcoat: No | rating: 7.5/10

Comments: OPI describes this as a strawberry candy pink. The formula is creamy and glossy but not too pigmented as it needed a third coat to get rid of the patchiness. Keep in mind that it does apply darker on the nail than in the bottle. Overall, it's a good medium-pink creme.

My Dogsled is a Hybrid:
Colour: Sea Green | Finish: Creme | # of Coats: 3 | Topcoat: No | rating: 8/10

Comments: OPI describes this as a creamy sea green... even though it doesn't looks more teal in the bottle, it definitely applies darker and greener on the nail. The formula is creamy and glossy but it also required a third coat for perfect opacity.

Do You Have This Color in Stock-Holm?
Colour: Purple | Finish: Creme | # of Coats: 2 | Topcoat: No | rating: 10/10

Comments: OPI describes this beauty as an icy blue-violet.. it is absolutely electric! Is is very glossy and pigmented with a perfect jelly-like formula. Although bottle shots in press releases show a blue-ish shimmer, it is has ZERO shimmer... it is a creme. This is definitely a unique addition to my fairly large collection and if you had to pick up just one colour from this collection, I highly suggest this shade!

OPI with a Nice Finn-ish:
Colour: Gold/Bronze | Finish: Foil | # of Coats: 3 | Topcoat: No | rating: 9/10

Comments: OPI describes this as a a light mellowed bronze but to me it is a coppery/bronzy gold. I am not a fan of foil polishes but this is a standout shade.  It dries to a satin finish and I love that it doesn't have the super metallic particles that are so common in foil polishes. I had to apply the third coat because of dragging after the second - definitely needs careful application!

How Great is Your Dane?
Colour: Dark Brown | Finish: Creme | # of Coats: 2 | Topcoat: No | rating: 9/10

Comments: OPI describes this as a cinammon coffee colour but it really just reminds of a deliciously steamy dark hot chocolate. The formula is very creamy, glossy and pigmented that only needed 2 coats for rich chocolatey goodness. It applies richer and darker on the nail and is not as dusty as it looks in the bottle.

Can't aFjörd Not To:
Colour: Orange | Finish: Creme | # of Coats: 3 | Topcoat: No | rating: 6/10

Comments: OPI describes this as a creamy coral but it definitely leans more orange... like a creamsicle! The only reason I gave this a low rating is because it looks neon against my skin and it is not very flattering. I wish it was a truer coral that leaned pink because those shades are uber-flattering! The formula was a little difficult to work with and needed 3 coats to cover up the bald patches.

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this partial collection.

If you want to see swatches and reviews of the remaining shades in this collection, you can visit some of my favourite swatches from the following bloggers: Paint Those Piggies, Of Life And Lacquer, Nail Polish Wars, Fierce Make Up & Nails and Peachy Polish.

My favourites are definitely Do You Have This Color in Stock-Holm, How Great is Your Dane and surprisingly OPI With a Nice Finn-ish! Which shades are your favourites? I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments below!

- Hetal


  1. These are some nice picks from the collection!

    1. Thanks Lisa! :) I tried to keep it interesting and unique.



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