31DC2014 - Day 05 - Blue Nails - Angular French Tips

5 September 2014

It's Day 05 of the 31 Day Challenge (31DC2014) and today's prompt is Blue Nails... obviously my favourite!

So I usually have a little mental plan of what each day's nail art will look like and I have been so excited for today's prompt because I had a very specific idea and had picked out very specific colours to showcase today. And trust me... it is such an awesome idea BUT (yes, there's always a big but, eh?) it just didn't translate as well as I had expected. Don't you just HATE when that happens?!

So I sat around and tried on a few things and I was just so frustrated becasue it is my favourite colour and I couldn't come up with something I loved! Especially since my last year's attempt (click here) was so amaze-balls that it is one of my favourite nail art posts ever!

I then opened up some nail mail and I decided I was going to use one the new piCture pOlish collaboration shades... can you guess which one?

Are you really surprised? I picked fool's gold by piCture pOlish (collaboration shade with The Nailasaurus) as the base colour for today's challenge prompt and applied 3 thin coats. I then wanted to add some nail art in gold but I just wasn't happy and that is when I picked up forget me not by piCture pOlish (also a new collaboration shade with Lacquertude) and freehanded angular french tips! I went over the tips a second time to make sure there was no patchiness and finish off with a coat of good to go top coat by essie.

fool's gold is a turquoise jelly-like base with yellow-gold glitter and some gold shimmer bits. Sammy from The Nailaurus explains the inspiration as "flecks of gold as seen through deep, tropical waters" which you can read about here. The other piCture pOlish shade, forget me not is a dusty blue with the infamous piCture pOlish scatter holo bits. Kate from Lacquertude explains her inspiration by the story behind the dainty flower: "Legend has it that the wearers of the forget-me-not flower would not be forgotten by their lovers. Captivated by the romance, I bestowed the same name to my vivid and shimmering blue lacquer, to be worn or gifted as a symbol 'for a love that endures'." which you can read about here.

I really hope you like today's simple yet beautiful nail art! Don't forget to follow the 31 Day Challenge on social media using the hashtag #31DC2014 and check back tomorrow for Day 06.

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- Hetal


  1. Pretty blues together in here! I like the angular french tips a lot too.

    1. Thanks Lisa... I agree, these blues are so pretty!



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