31DC2014 - Day 08 - Metallic Nails - Chrome

9 September 2014

It's Day 08 of the 31 Day Challenge (31DC2014) and today's prompt is Metallic Nails!

I am super tired and it's late so I will keep this short and simple. This is the perfect opportunity to use Push and Shove by OPI... a chrome finish polish released earlier this year as part of the Gwen Stefani Collection. It is so BRIGHT and shiny... you truly have to try it out yourself to see its beauty. Here's my best attempt at capturing its chrome brightness:

I started with 1 coat of Lay Down That Base (the special base coat that comes with the chrome polish) followed by 2 coats of Push and Shove by OPI. I then freehanded the black section with another polish from the Gwen Stefani Collection, 4 in the Morning by OPI. I wanted to add studs but I couldn't find my tweezers so I freehanded a pink separator with Bottoms Up by China Glaze using a small detailed brush. I finally added top coat from the pink link to the free edge since you are not supposed to wear top coat over Push and Shove.

It is definitely a very metallic manicure and I love how the bright pink looks against the chrome finish and black. As always, use the hashtag #31DC2014 to follow the other bloggers that are participating in the 31 Day Challenge and check back tomorrow for Day 09.

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- Hetal


  1. That metallic is awesome! Love the black and pink to the nail art too. Goes well with the silver chrome.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I agree, I love the combo of silver, black and neon pink!

  2. I have Push an Shove, but it is not my favorite polish, but this way combined with black and pink looks really great!

    1. Thanks Andrea! I agree... I've had for a very long and this is the first time I used it.. I had to apply the base 2 times because I messed it up the first time. The formula is really difficult to work with and it's hard to photograph. But I think the black and pink add the balance :)



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