31DC2014 - Day 09 - Rainbow Nails - Pastel Stripes

9 September 2014

It's Day 09 of the 31 Day Challenge (31DC2014) and today's prompt is Rainbow Nails!

I have been trying to keep it simple... but this look took quite some time even though it looks simple! I used the entire Lime Crime Les Desserts D'Antoinette collection except for one polish... Milky Ways.

I started with 2 coats of Angel With a Leadfoot by OPI as the base and it really made the colours pop. I then used a thin nail art brush and started adding each colour starting at the cuticle with Parfait Day followed by Peaches & Cream, Crema de Limon, Pastelchio, Once in a Blue Mousse and lastly Lavendairy. I then finished it off with 2 coats of good to go top coat for a glossy and shiny look.

This was so HARD to photograph... it's bright and punchy. It might be because of the white base that gives it a neon pop which automatically makes it harder to photograph. The colours look pastel in the bottles but they showed up much brighter and I had a hard time getting a good picture. Regardless it meets the challenge prompts... so it's up! :)

I've always wanted to try a look like this but using tape is always messy and takes forever. I am glad this freehand method worked for me! Please use the hashtag #31DC2014 to follow the other bloggers on social media to see what they have come up with for the 31 Day Challenge prompts and check back tomorrow for Day 10!

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- Hetal


  1. These are pretty rainbow pastel stripes! I like that there a bit slated here too.

    1. Aww thanks Lisa! I was going for a candy type look which is why I painted them diagonally

  2. The Lime Crime pastel polishes are very pretty and this rainbow nail art came out very good with them!

    1. Thank youuu! And I totally agree...It is such a pretty collection!!



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