31DC2014 - Day 19 - Galaxies - piCture pOlish Layers

19 September 2014

It's Day 19 of the 31 Day Challenge (31DC2014) and today's prompt is Galaxies!

Ever since I got my hands on the Limited Edition piCture pOlish collection, I knew it would be perfect for galaxy nail art. Since these polishes are best layered over a darker polish, I chose to layer it over a beautiful shade called darcy by piCture pOlish. But let's take a look at the nail art first...

Ahhhhhhh.... how gorgeous is that?! As I mentioned, I started with 2 coats of darcy by piCture pOlish and I started layering some polishes with a sponge in a wavy pattern. The polishes I layered are aurora, altered state, forget me not and solar flare. I also added the "stars" in this galaxy by placing the white matte glitters from another piCture pOlish shade called storm. And I finished off the look with top coat.

And now here's a swatch of darcy and a review...

Colour: Black | Finish: Holographic Crelly | # of Coats: 2 | Topcoat: No | Rating: 10/10

Comments: This is a beautiful black crelly with the signature piCture pOlish scattered holographic bits (even though they look like silver bits in my picture below). I applied 2 coats but you could get away with 1 heavier coat. I love how deep and dark and black it is! :)

I am loving this look and it makes me wonder why I've only done galaxy nail art ONCE before today! Don't forget to follow other bloggers on social media with the hashtag #31DC2014 and please check back tomorrow for Day 20!

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- Hetal


  1. Wow these are some stunning galaxy nails!

  2. Cool. The piCture pOlish Limited Editions work really well for galaxy nails!



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