Nail Polish Review - Essie Luxeffects 2014 - Summit of Style

12 November 2014

The luxeffects line is a collection of glitter top coats that can be worn over any essie nail colour to add some sparkle and dazzle! This holiday season (2014), essie is releasing 2 new luxeffects shades (press release here)... 1 that is yellow gold and another in bronze.

Click HERE to see my swatch and review of rock at the top, the other 2014 Luxeffects shade.

summit of style: a bronze glitter top coat
Colour: Bronze | Finish: Glitter | # of Coats: 1 | Topcoat: No | Rating: 10/10
Layered Over: tuck it in my tux (swatch and review) from the essie Winter 2014 Collection

Comments: I have always loved the luxeffects glitter topcoats and I am super excited to add this bronze version to my collection. I only applied a single coat and you can see that the glitter payoff is great. I can see myself layering this over other shades to bring some sparkle and interest especially with the upcoming holiday season. I wish I had swatched it over black... I think it would have been easier to see the contrast in colour.

essie summit of style

The glitter top coats in the luxeffects line all have the same formula and glitter composition in terms of shapes and size and what I love most about these is that they usually just feature one glitter colour.

What do you think of this beautiful bronze glitter? Will you picking up a bottle? I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments!

- Hetal


  1. Really nice bronze glitter that is. I love glitters of any kind so this is a pretty one.

    1. I agree Lisa! I have nothing like it in my collection!

  2. Very pretty layering, love the glitter polish!



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