Nail Polish Review - Essie Winter 2014 Collection (Part 2)

13 November 2014

PART 1: Click HERE for Part 1 of the Essie Winter 2014 Collection.

I am really excited to post these swatches today! I have been waiting for the second half of this collection for a few weeks and I have also prepared a few nail art looks using this collection, which I will be posting later this week! Part 1 contained all the lighter crèmes and the one foil shade in this collection. This half focuses on the brighter and darker crèmes.

essie Winter 2014 Collection

Overall Comments:
I am going to repeat what I said in Part 1... I don't immediately think of Winter when I look at this collection. However, I think that it is a beautiful collection of crèmes and very chic! These shades can be used not only during the holiday season, but whenever you are dressing up for any occasion. There is a shade of peach/pink for everyone, ranging from a barely-pink white to a dark-red with strong pink undertones. In terms of formula, all three crème shades had the perfect buttery-smooth formula with easy application, great self-levelling properties and a glossy finish.

bump up the pumps: a raucous coral mauve
Colour: Coral | Finish: Crème | # of Coats: 2 | Topcoat: No | Rating: 10/10

Comments: Although essie describes this as a raucous coral mauve, I think it is a simple coral crème! the first coat is very pigmented and opaque even with a very thin coat. After the second coat it was glossy and provided the nail with more polish to perfectly self-level. There, it is an ALMOST one coater!

essie bump up the pumps

double breasted jacket: a passionate tourmaline ruby
Colour: Dark Pink/Ruby Red | Finish: Crème | # of Coats: 2 | Topcoat: No | Rating: 10/10

Comments: Although not a true red, this dark pink definitely has red undertones which makes the colour warmer. The first coat was very opaque and if you use a slightly heavier hand, it is definitely a one coater! However, for a close up picture there was some VNL so I added a second coat. The second coat also allowed there to be enough polish on the nail to self-level. Overall, it is a very pigmented, creamy shade of cranberry red and dries to a perfectly glossy finish.

essie double breasted jacket

jump in my jumpsuit: a jubilant juicy red
Colour: Dark Red | Finish: Crème | # of Coats: 2 | Topcoat: No | Rating: 10/10

Comments: This is not a juicy red... it is a dark red/maroon shade with pink undertones. It reminds me of a pinker version of dressed to kilt (from the Fall 2014 collection). This also has a super pigmented and creamy formula. Although there is awesome coverage after the first coat, there was slight VNL and required the second coat. Just a quick note about the colour... it is definitely slightly more purple/berry coloured than you can see in the pictures.

essie jump in my jumpsuit

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this partial collection. My favourite from this half is double breasted jacket, although I do love all three. Which one is your favourite? I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments!

- Hetal

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