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30 December 2014

Hi Everyone! While I'm away on vacation, I am super lucky to have several bloggers guest post for me! Next up is Kelsie from Kelsie's Nail Files. I have been a long-time follower and absolutely love her nail art and stamping skills. I am always excited by the fact that she is a fellow Candian blogger! I love reading her blog and she gives some great advice! My photography and lighting set-up is currently the way Kelsie does it! I am so honoured that she agreed to guest post for me today. Let's see some of that amazing stamping skill in action below!

Hello my fellow "My Life in Turquoise" Fans! I'm so thrilled to be here. It's been a while since a blogger asked me to guest post and it made it that much sweeter that it was Hetal who asked! I've been a follower of her lovely Instagram account for quite some time and was happy to fill in while she spends an amazing vacation in India!

So without further ado I give you a little sample of my work...

I thought it perfectly fitting to include a turquoise design, particularly because its one of my favourite manicure colours.

This look was created using Loreal Not a Cloud in Sight and the stamp is my own personal design from the new CYO Bundle Monster set, BM-604. I know Hetal had two of her designs on BM-605 and I can't wait to try them out!

Well, I think I've spammed you all with enough photos. I hope you like my work and if you'd like to see more you can head over to my blog: Kelsie's Nail Files.

Thank you so much Hetal for hosting me on your blog!

Xo Kelsie

Ahhhh!!! I love it! I am so jealous of her stamping skills... doesn't it look so perfect?! Thank you Kelsie for using my favourite colour. I love the stamp design you created and I've been meaning to try it out. I'm really glad you showed us one of the two designs by you from the CYO Bundle Monster set. Thank you so much Kelsie for preparing this amazing guest post for my blog!

Let's show Kelsie's Nail Files some love on social media. You can find Kelsie on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin and Instagram. And don't forget to stop by her blog for beautiful and inspiring nail art looks!

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