Nail Polish Review - China Glaze All Aboard Collection (My Picks) - Fall 2014

31 January 2015

Hi Everyone! As you might as have read in yesterday's post, I have changed my nail shape for 2015... or at least for the time being. These were swatched in November and have been sitting in my Drafts folder so I thought I should share them instead of letting them go to waste.

Although these polishes are from the China Glaze Fall 2014 Collection, these colours are still perfect for the last stretch of winter before we transition into neutrals and super sweet pastels!!!

China Glaze All Aboard Collection

Overall Comments: I really loved all 6 polishes I picked from this collection. The formula for each and every single polish was spot on and each presented a unique twist to some classic colours. Even though they are all dark polishes, I really like that they don't look black and that you can identify its colour and uniqueness!

Choo Choo Choose You
Colour: Grey/Purple with Gold Shimmer | Finish: Duochrome Shimmer | # of Coats: 2 | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 10/10

Comments: The application is extremely smooth because of the shimmer and although it dries glossy, the 1 coat of top coat brings out the sparkle of the gold shimmer. This polish has a smoky gray/purple base with a strong shimmer that shifts from gold to copper to green. It seems like an colour but it is a beautiful neutral that has interest with the changing colours in different lights. It's stunning IRL, which is why I gave it a perfect score!

China Glaze Choo Choo Choose You

Don't Get Derailed
Colour: Olive Green | Finish: Creme | # of Coats: 2 | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 8/10

Comments: This polish is a murky olive green creme polish with a very pigmented and creamy formula that has great self-levelling properties and dries to a glossy finish. In fact, it can be a one coater if the first coat is applied with a slightly heavy hand. It's an odd colour but it a unique addition to my vast collection and I think it has great stamping potential.

China Glaze Don't Get Derailed

Lug Your Designer Baggage
Colour: Dark Brown | Finish: Flake | # of Coats: 2 | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 10/10

Comments: This polish is a beautiful dark brown base with subtle gold flakes. The topcoat in this case brings out the shininess of the gold flakes so it is a definite must! This was my TOP pick from this collection... I even featured in my Top 5 Polishes Choices for Fall 2014 feature! Like the name suggests, it feels like a de-constructed version of a classic dark brown leather Louis Vuitton bag with the iconic gold print!

China Glaze Lug Your Designer Baggage

All Aboard
Colour: Purple | Finish: Creme | # of Coats: 2 | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 9/10

Comments: The namesake of this collection is a dusty purple creme polish with a very creamy formula that dries to a glossy finish and has great self-levelling properties. The slightly sheer formula on the first coat gives this polish a squishy look that is just amazing! I really like this take on a purple polish for the fall and I think it is very flattering colour to wear, which I can also incorporate into nail art!

China Glaze All Aboard

Well Trained
Colour: Dark Teal | Finish: Creme | # of Coats: 1 | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 9/10

Comments: This polish is a one-coater blackened teal creme with a super pigmented, creamy formula with amazing self-levelling and dries to a glossy finish. This polish is just perfection! It is a cosy colour for the dreary weather but bright enough to know it's a teal polish! I see some great stamping and nail art potential!

One Track Mind
Colour: Navy Blue | Finish: Creme | # of Coats: 2 | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 9/10

Comments: This polish is a perfect navy blue creme with a pigmented, creamy formula that dries to a glossy finish. This polish tends to pool around the cuticles so you have to be careful when applying it.

Overall, this was a great collection and I really liked my top 6 picks! Surprisingly, I really loved the dark brown Lug Your Designer Baggage and smoky purple/gray with shimmer Choo Choo Choose You!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this collection and my swatches.

Thank you for reading!

- Hetal


  1. Really nice picks from this collection. There were some great colors in here.

    1. I totally agree Lisa! The brown polish was a definite stand out for me! :)

  2. Great collection...! My favorite are Choo Choo Choose You and Well Trained... ♥

    1. I agree that both those polishes are amazing!



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